Business and IT consultancy

About Us

Aeon Services Ltd is a consultancy specialising in business professional services with the use of SharePoint® technology. Aeon Services prides itself on in-depth understanding of its clients' business, helping to deliver creative and flexible solutions. We have cross-sector experience from around the UK, especially within public services and utilities.

Core Principles

  • Industry Best Practice: We use standard methodologies to ensure good quality outputs.
  • Clear Communication: We talk your language so we can get to the nub of problems straight away.
  • Early Handover: Our plans and solutions only start to work when you start using them. We aim to start that transfer of ownership early on in our projects.


We used SharePoint for several years for sharing documents and collaborating with our customers. We thought it was great for business so we branched out and now deliver technical advice on implementation and configured and programmed solutions.